Ozone generators

Ozone mills are:

  • anti-viral
  • anti-microbial
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-fungal


ozono generatoriai Aqua-Eight kills single and multi-cellular organisms together with micro organism, viruses (very probably together with the COVID-19 coronavirus) and fungi. The infusion time varies relying on the dimensions of the indoor area and the extent of ozone that the system produces; after this time you possibly can get pleasure from a bacteria-free surroundings with clear air and peace of thoughts.

Ozone Eliminates Airborne Microorganisms

Microorganisms are a wide range of pathogens which trigger infectious illness. A pathogen is a organic agent that causes illness or sickness with the transmission of microorganisms. The widespread pathogens are viruses, micro organism, fungi, protozoa.

Airborne microorganisms are a serious explanation for respiratory illness in people, inflicting allergic reactions, bronchial asthma, and pathogenic infections of the respiratory tract. Airborne fungal spores are additionally essential brokers of plant illness, and the means for dissemination of many widespread saprotrophic (saprophytic) fungi.

Ozone mills can successfully kill airborne micro organism, parasites, fungi, and different microbes. Learn extra beneath below Decontamination Shock Remedy

Ozone Mills and COVID-19

Presently, nobody can say for sure that ozone is efficient in killing the novel coronavirus COVID-19, because it is just too early and no peer reviewed research have but been carried out to assist or verify this.

Nonetheless, we all know that ozone destroys different viruses by diffusing the gasoline by the protein coat of the cell into the nucleic acid core and damaging the RNA of the virus. Whereas wholesome cells have complicated enzymes programs for cover, viruses haven’t any such protections in opposition to oxidative stress which makes them weak to ozone.

We are able to additionally look to related case research and see that there have been close to 20 scientific research exhibiting ozone gasoline is ready to destroy the SARS coronavirus which is sort of equivalent in construction to the brand new COVID 19 coronavirus.


The Aqua-Eight ozonatorius is supplied with an easy-to-use timer to ensure secure use. The timer is an easy technique to manage the extent of ozone produced into the air to correctly disinfect.

When making ready to disinfect, set the timer for desired dosing. This can enable the Ozonatorius to be operated robotically when the area is unoccupied. As soon as the timer has ended, the system will shut down, the ozone with dissipate, and the world might be secure for re-entry right into a clear surroundings.

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